Mikado (org. Marika) is nice, young girl and Mizu's older, adopted sister.




Marika, Honey


Friendship, smiles, carrying for others


shoulder-length, lightbrown (or darkblond) hair, lightblue, shiny eyes, pink, tall bow on the back of head, pink-white stage-dress, pink ballet shoes



First appearance

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She was born in an unknown country and lived for a long time in a children's home, until she and Mizu were being adopted.

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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

One day she and Mizu went trough a portal and landed in Nowhere and became friends with Katz, the Cajun fox and obviously Courage, and helped them to go back to their own world, after they defeated an enemy called Dustin.

Triva Edit

-she has magic powers, but only knows her health ones to use.

-It's seeable, that she likes Katz even more than her sister.

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